Project STeRNA Life Nat/IT/244 Partners
Have the pleasure to invite you to the final events of the project 
Stintino (SS) 14th, 16th and 29th July 2016

Programme:   14th July 2016 – h. 9,30  at Stintino Saline new structure for environmental education  Workshop: "Life Programme and new possibilities to improve scientific knowledge " With the participation of University of ...read more


Actions C at the start

The beginning of the realization of Conservation Actions of the project took part in between October and December 2015. More detailed, the environmental education center, the enclosure of the nesting area,  the construction of footbridge and and shielding, the accessible ecological network (Actions C2 - C6). Soon all the realization will be ...read more


Workshop “Environmental and territory protection: LIFE + ST.eR.N.A. project

Friday the 20thof September the Municipality of Stintino, in the Municipal Library, together with project partner will host two workshop in order to share project experiences with local administrator and touristic and cultural operators (h.18.00 - 20.00). ...read more


ST.eR.N.A. month’s project

ST.eR.N.A. has been selected by Environment Ministry (Ministero dell’Ambiente del Territorio e della Tutela del Mare) as month’s project ...read more


First project results

By the end of April, thanks to the implementation of conservation actions, the project counts with 40 nesting couples of Sterna Comune (Sterna hirundo), 30 couples of Fraticello (Sternula albifrons), 9 couples of Fratino (Charadrius alexandrinus) and 6 ...read more


Action C.1 concluded

With a little delay of only 10 days with respect to the original programming, the project Action C.1 Islet construction has been successfully concluded (beginning of April). This important project result represents the first step of development of ...read more


STeRNA meets school

Among the different STeRNA project activities, of particular importance the information and dissemination through territorial animation and active partecipation of the population in order to share information about what the project is doing. The school represents one of the most important stakeholder of the project, children and young people need ...read more


Steering Committee

STeRNA Steering Committee has been held today within all project partners. The working day session   ended with an inspection on site where islets has been settled to favour Sterna Comune, Fraticelli e Cavalieri di Italia resettlement  ...read more


Pubblicato il piano di comunicazione del progetto ST.eR.N.A.

Il progetto LIFE+ STagni e Recupero Ambientale e Naturalistico di Casaraccio (ST.e.R.N.A.) nasce per tutelare, conservare e valorizzare le zone umide quali lo Stagno di Pilo Casaraccio e le Saline di Stintino e di proteggere le specie che in ...read more


Stintino, alle Saline isolotti galleggianti per volatili rari

Due isolotti galleggianti ricoperti di terriccio e alcuni ciuffi d'erba, così da riprodurre un ambiente accogliente e ideale per le specie di volatili che popolano l'area delle Saline di Stintino. Si tratta delle due strutture ...read more


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Progetto STeRNA Life+

...read more



Eng ...read more

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